• Quality Policy

    Certificate for management

    Taipei ISO 9001
    Hua-Bao ISO 9001
    ISO 14001
    IECQ QC080000
    Hung Fu ISO 9001
    ISO 14001
    IECQ QC080000
    OHSAS 18000
    Aska(KunShan) ISO 9001
    ISO 14001
    BeQingTeng ISO 9001
    ISO 14001

    Quality Management - ISO 9001

    Hazardous Substance Management – QC080000

    Sony GP

    Environmental Management – ISO 14001

    Employee Safety and Health – OHSAS 18000

  • Reliability & Laboratory

    JPC Group establishes specific LAB (laboratory) according to each specific product category including Connector, Cable, FFC, High-Speed Interconnect, Antenna, Elec. Devices and etc., All our LABs have the most comprehensive range of testing devices to provide equipment certification; Testing categories include the product life test,Physical verification testing, electrical characteristics testing, environmental testing for harmful substances, and high-frequency signal test.

  • Quality Project

    Lean Six Sigma Plan –
    Time and quality are the most important indicators to improve company performance and profitability. JPC combines two most important programs, "Lean Production" (Lean Production) and "Six Sigma" (Six Sigma) in the manufacturing industry and implements them for our factory management.

    Lean Six Sigma

    JPC implements Lean six-sigma program in 2013, and currently there are 26 committee members leading the project.

  • Green Policy

    JPC's environmental quality commitment is to meet and exceed the international environmental policy, such as saving energy and waste reduction. We do our best for the Earth.

    JPC product design and control --
    • Comply with the world development trend of “green” products
    • Meet the EU's EU RoHS / China RoHS / REACH ... etc. management practices
    • Request tier suppliers to implement relevant regulations
    • SONY GP & QC08000 certified


    Each JPC manufacturing plant has acquired local government issued production license(s) and the ISO14001 certification. Annual review of the environmental performance further assures the minimal use of resources and the maximum waste reduction.

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